This Tumblr collects horrible, lazy transphobic jokes as told by your favorite comedians, TV shows, movies, video games, and comics.

Trigger warnings everywhere!


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I’m not going to post every example from him, since I’ve pretty well covered it over here, but I thought I’d include a few highlights for the sake of completion:

Jon Stewart mocking the idea of a trans woman Supreme Court justice:

John Stewart: “But, as always in these debates, it’s left to the longest shot to say the craziest thing. (smugly) I give you Ohio Representative, Dennis Kucinich.”

Clip of Dennis Kucinich: I’d nominate any gay to the Supreme Court, or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered person to the Supreme Court (as long as they were ready to uphold Roe v. Wade)

John Stewart: “Yes, Yes. All rise for the honorable Justice Chick with Dick!”

The classic, beaten-to-death-in-1982 “I just slept with a trans woman sex worker” joke. 

For instance, how many times have I accidentally picked up a tranny hooker at a truck-stop? I wanna say it’s in the 50s, but it could be higher. I-I-i- guess what I’m saying is I’m nearsighted?”

Jon mocking and dehumanizing a japanese trans woman for daring to protest an ID law that could potential out and endanger her.

“But Cow and Chipmunk are not alone! They are joined by Transvestite, who worries that her true gender will be revealed by this new system.”

Voiceover with fake translation: “I am afraid that when I lumber out of my apartment in a tight dress with my scrotum taped back and my large hands covering my adams apple, somewhere, some bureaucrat will know I am a dude.”

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    Yes. You know transphobia is still a socially acceptable bigotry when liberal icons like Stewart and Colbert make it...
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    TW: transphobic jokes I just.. I was not aware of this :/
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