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Go On, tell me how we didn’t realize…


The irony of this borders on the absurd.

The show “Go On” had steadily been growing on me. Matthew Perry is one of those actors that I’ll watch in anything, Julie White is great as Anne, a tough, lesbian widow, and as someone who has had to deal with death, I appreciate their approach to finding humor in wake of grief and loss. 

In this week’s episode, Matthew Perry’s character is talking Asian-American actor John Cho’s character about “16 Candles”:

Ryan: “Classic movie. The whole Long Duck Dong thing was pretty crazy though. They played a gong every time the guy came on screen. How did we not realize how bad that was?”

Steven: “Some of us realized it.”

Great, right? That’s a conversation we should be having.

But literally not even one full minute later this line comes from the third friend they’re meeting at the bar:

Huey: “Come on, I’ll make an introduction! Pick any girl in the place. Except for that one. That’s a dude. Don’t ask me how I know. [Hangs his head in shame] It’s how you think.”

Go on, tell me more about how far we’ve come and realized how bad it is to dehumanize people into cliches.

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