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Arrested Development now using "tr*nny" jokes on Facebook


(Warning for casual transmisogyny.)

I’ve watched Arrested Development a couple times. It’s not really my cup of tea, but Heather enjoys it, and I can certainly see why people might like it. Now that it’s returning on Netflix for another season, I might have given it another chance. And then someone who runs their Facebook page had the great idea of posting this:


(Text: “Who’s your favorite granny tranny?”)

For those not in the know, when cis people use the word “tranny”, they’re typically not referring to us in a kind or affectionate way. It’s vastly more likely to be used as a cheap insult, a threat, a porn keyword, or as seen in this case, a joke unto itself.

And that’s literally the entire joke here: Trannies! Ha ha, isn’t that funny?

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    also, we get some ageism, as a bonus. because when network tv tries to find a target for its lazy humor, there really is...
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    I think that anyone that doesn’t yet understand why these kinds of jokes aren’t funny should read this.
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  16. japheree said: It is the same level of ‘joke’ as ‘at weekend’s my name is Mandy’ sort of thing. It is a joke playing upon shaming people who are percieved as doing this for kinky purposes. At least that is how i read it.
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