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Family Guy - Quagmire’s Dad

This episode focuses on Ida, a trans woman and a parent of Quagmire. This was intended by massive douche-bag, Seth MacFarlane, to be a sympathetic portrayal, but he completely botched that. 

In the episode, Quagmire finds out that his dad is a trans woman. She has her SRS (bizarrely without any recovery time and having never presented as a woman) and is then treated like garbage throughout the episode.


Also, the following things happen, in this order:

  • Ida, the trans woman, has sex with a dog.
  • the dog—unaware that she’s trans—brags to Peter and Lois saying “You’re just jealous ‘cause I’ve found a real woman.” Which causes them to erupt into laughter.
  • The dog—not aware that he’s referring to the same woman he slept with—calls Ida an ‘it’
  • The dog spews vomit from his mouth for 40 straight seconds after realizing Ida was trans


In response to criticism from the trans community, Seth MacFarlane had the following things to say:

Details: You predicted that another episode—about a transgendered character—would make the LGBT community happy. It didn’t.
Seth MacFarlane: That surprised me. I don’t meet a lot of stupid homosexuals. They seem to be a pretty smart bunch. But it seemed that they were not picking up on the fact that it was a very sympathetic portrayal of a transsexual character.

Details: Maybe the fact that Brian barfs his guts out when he realizes he’s had sex with a transsexual threw them off.
Seth MacFarlane: Hey, we’re still Family Guy.We’re not suddenly going to become 7th Heaven. Actually, I guess on 7th Heaven they would probably burn the transsexual at the stake. Let me think of another example. We’re not Mr. Belvedere. Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, “Oh, my God, that’s disgusting.” It’s just the way we’re biologically wired. They should give that another look.

Yay! :D

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    Ugh, y’know what? I think we need to burn Seth MacFarlane at the fucking stake.
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    oops i mainly meant this one and mcfarlane’s response is unbearable. ugh.
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    Seth MacFarlane is actual human filth. Scum. Disgusting. This makes me so angry I can’t even find the words.
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    I’m shocked that Macfarlane would think he’s being “progressive” despite being told by the LGBT community that he’s...
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