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GTA V presents She Male Bop!

The new Grand Theft Auto game features a low-brow parody of America’s Got Talent, named “Fame or Shame”. One of groups performing in it is a group of trans women named “She Male Bop” and though they are only briefly mentioned on the actual show, the in-game website features some extra info on them:


The Talent Show America Deserves - You’ve Reached Fame or Shame

Whether it’s dogs humping humans, mimes setting themselves on fire, pointless cover versions of power ballads, finger puppets frigging each other, moms juggling dildos, one legged Irish dancers, the ‘all new’ and exciting Karin Dilettante, elephant wrestling, or dancing trannies, you don’t know what you’ll see next on Fame or Shame presented by Face, Sprunk, Logger, Up ‘n’ Atom, Youtool, Fleeca, Flow water, and The Drone.


She Male Bop

The pride of the LBGT, which we think stands for Lady Boy’s Gigantic Tits, this act has sashayed into America’s living room, sat on Daddy’s lap and asked for a spanking. Originally a subway act in Liberty City, they sent a video into Fame or Shame and we couldn’t resist. Plus one of the casting directors is Bi!

I’m honestly a little ashamed that I’m playing this game, at this point. Even ignoring the blatant transphobia, it seems like it was written by a bunch of 12 year old boys giggling over the word “boobies.” 

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    You should probably me more ashamed. This isn’t even just ignorant, it’s viciously hateful. Disgusting.
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    But you’re not disgusted playing a game of killing, torturing, animal violence and racism i heard the word wet back in...
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    But Kyro, you don’t get it! It’s ~satire~! That frees it from any problematic parts whatsoever, and if you say otherwise...
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    Did….di d you even…I didn’t even say “trolling” what the hell? No one is trying to justify anything. What I’m trying to...
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    Ok, so the populat video game that teaches young guys to kill women that work as prostitutes so you dont have to pay...
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    Wish I could say I was shocked.
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    "crude humor" isnt a justification either nor is "trolling" and "they like the controversy"
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    Well if I ever had any intentions whatsoever of playing this piece of shit that dares call itself a game, that killed...
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    I’ve seen a lot of undue criticisms leveraged against GTAV but this is just gross on their part.
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    I had no idea of the extent of the stupidity of this game