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Trigger warnings everywhere!


Before I even started playing the new GTA, I knew there would be trans women in it. I knew about where and when I could find them. I knew what their jobs would be. Because to the people this game is made by and targeted to, we can only be one of two things: secret ‘batin’ fantasies or sex workers moaning about hormones and their private parts. 

When I found and greeted a group of them, the main characters had the following things to say:

Michael: Hello, sir. I mean, madam. I mean, ~whatever~

Michael: Well, hello, Mid-op.

Franklin: Almost fooled me, (bro-she?). Almost.

Franklin: Hey, you need to keep taking your hormones!

And the trans women said the following as I creepily eavesdropped and took photos of them (remember, these quotes were intended to be funny.):

Trans woman: I don’t think the laser treatment is working!

Trans woman: They won’t let me on the ladies’ basketball league at the rec center. This is crazy! I think I’m going to sue or something.

Trans woman: (on the phone) I Just wish he’d let me untuck more… I dunno if I wanna lose it forever, and he needs to understand that!

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    Ugh. So it’s alright for Grand Theft Friggin Auto to mock celebrities, hipsters, and politics (Among many, many others),...
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    I used to think GTA was a fun game. Guess I’m not going to be playing it anymore.
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